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Orange - SIYC 2019

August 2nd, Fusion Community Centre

Home is not just a bulding, its support, connection and shared hope. Build it with us.
Sleep In Your Car is an annual event during Homelessness Week; begin to consider what it means to experience life without a home in our community and raise the crucial funding to prevent and support people experiencing homelessness through the work of Veritas House and Fusion. 


Drop in for dinner or stay the whole night!

Everything you raise will be provide the crucial funding to support and prevent local young people experiencing homelessness. Home is not just a building. It's connection, support and shared hope. TOGETHER WE CAN BUILD IT!

Drop in for Dinner:

Join us at Fusion Community Centre (217 Anson St, Orange) from 7pm on Friday August 2nd.
We are asking people who are not sleeping out to donate $5 upon entry.
 Please note: this is a drug and alcohol free event.

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